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This is one of the most insane things you will hear in a sea of derangement resulting from woke ideology.

In January 2021, in oh so hip and so woke, woke California, laws were passed allowing any inmate who claimed to be trans, to choose whether they go to a male or female jail – no questions asked.

Biological male with a penis – sure you can go to women’s jail. Gee, that’s not game-able at all, especially considering criminals are such an honest and upstanding bunch. What could go wrong?

Predictably, no trans men, biological females, have so far requested to go to male jails. But surprise, surprise, in excess of 300 biological males have already applied for transfer to women’s jails.

The result of this policy was not hard to predict for anyone who cared to think about this honestly for a millisecond.

There’s nothing progressive about letting a biological man, with a penis, into women’s jail.

That’s just another way to fuck women.

Sorry for the crudity, but this situation is abhorrent.

Real woman are getting raped in real life and impregnated.

But hey, according to this new ideology, the penis being used for these rapes is just a social construct.

We need to wake up!

This is not progress, it’s psychosis.


Gender roles may be a social construct, but biology is not.

Biology exists.

There are biological differences between men and women. Everyone knew this until five minutes ago. The fact that its necessary to point this out demonstrates how quickly we’ve become possessed by lies.

But this is where we are.

Welcome to 2021 people! The new and wonderful woke world where biology teachers are being fired for teaching biological reality and anyone who believes in biological differences between male and female is branded a transphobe.

I believe in treating all people with kindness, compassion, and respect. I believe that all people should be free to live how they choose.

But rights interact with one another, and our individual freedoms are always bound by the caveat that we cannot infringe on the rights of others.

Our laws establish equal rights for all. So why is it that trans rights should suddenly supersede all others?

They shouldn’t. Trans rights should not be placed above women’s rights. This is unjust and an example of inclusion gone mad.

Equal rights for trans women doesn’t mean they should have access to women’s only arenas such as jails, bathrooms, private clubs, and sports.

The need for separate spaces is even more obvious when thinking about high school children. Should teenage girls have to endure teenage boys who say they are trans in their change rooms? This is too easily open to manipulation, with potentially serious negative consequences to girls.

Trans women deserve their equal rights. At the same time, we must safeguard women’s rights. So, the sensible and fair solution would be to give trans women their own spaces in these arenas, rather than requiring women to share their spaces.

When we distort the truth, it has real life downstream consequences.

There are many more of these deranging lies and distortions of language being promulgated throughout society at present, most of which seem to be aimed at obscuring the uniqueness and importance of women.

Here are a few examples. There is presently a push to coerce people to use terms such as ‘chest feeding’ as opposed to breast feeding, ‘pregnant person’ as opposed to pregnant woman and ‘person who menstruates’. Sorry but no. Men do not get pregnant, and they do not breastfeed or menstruate, so why would we comply with this demand and distort our language in this way?

Another idea promoted by woke ideology is that you can change your sex as easily as you change your clothes. This is patently untrue. Sex is not changeable without a great deal of time, drugs, surgery, money and pain. Even then, the results are far from perfect. Biological reality is stubborn that way.

Promoting this lie is dangerous. Many young people have been deceived and have acted upon this deception. In the process, many are causing themselves irreparable physical and psychological damage.

We can’t go along with this sort of insanity for fear of being called names by the woke mob. Remember ‘Sticks and stones will break my bones, but names will never hurt me’? This silly little rhyme seems so wise now in an age where youngsters are taught that speech is violence, to take offence at every opportunity, and to be sensitive and fragile. I guess we should have kept teaching that one!

Truth matters. It matters above all else. A society built on delusions, has no foundation, and will descend into chaos and ultimately collapse. Western democratic countries are the most progressive societies that have ever existed on the planet, but they can’t last if we continue down this path.

I’ll leave you with the words of Alexander Solzhenitsyn, author of the Gulag Archipelago, who lived through Stalin’s Communist Soviet Union. In his essay Live not by Lies, he advises us on what we can do when society loses its mind and pressures us to conform to untruths:

“The simplest and most accessible key to our self-neglected liberation lies right here: Personal non-participation in lies… Let us refuse to say what we do not think… Do not to give conscious support to lies about anything whatsoever”.