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“The average person doesn’t want to be free, he simply wants to be safe” H.L Milkin

Fear is a powerful motivator & has been used throughout history by the ruling class to subjugate the masses.

Inordinate amounts of fear in the populous creates fertile ground for authoritarian rule. The more scared a society becomes the more likely they are willing to cede their freedoms on the promise of being taken care of & made safe.

If safety is placed as our highest value, freedom is relegated.

Leading a good, fulfilling & meaningful life requires us to have the courage to face the world with all its uncertainty and risk.

Existing & living are not the same thing. Life is inherently risky. We must take calculated, sensible risks every day or we would never do anything at all.

The more comfortable & sheltered we become, the more fearful we are. The courage to live, explore & expand diminishes.

The freedoms enjoyed by western democratic countries for the last 50 years was earned by the blood & bravery of our ancestors who fought against tyrannising governments.

Will our generation be the one to give those freedoms up for safety?

Unless we want to inhabit a dystopian future like the one depicted in V for Vendetta, we must find the courage to peacefully refuse to comply with laws that unnecessarily curtail our freedom.

“When a man is denied the right to live the life he believes in, he has no choice but to become and outlaw”. Nelson Mandela

And by the way, if you’re thinking I’ll just wait as it will all be over soon, it won’t!

Remember March 2020 & 2 weeks to flatten the curve?

18 months later & it’s “we’ll let you out with conditions in 2022 if everyone gets the vaccine”. Yeh right.

We won’t be let out next year or the one after.

The ruling class around the world have seen how easy it is to get us to comply to the most extreme restrictions if they throw us a few crumbs to live off. Why would they give that up voluntarily?

I fear there will be an ever-increasing supply of fear to keep us locked up for one reason or another for a long time to come – unless we do something about it.

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If not you, who?