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Are we really all a bunch of racist, misogynist, homophobic, transphobic, bigots?
If you are living in AUS, USA, UK, NZ or any other western democratic country you are constantly being bombarded with messages from activists, the now activist media, politicians, academics and our big tech overlords that there is an epidemic of racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia and bigotry in all its forms.
Compared to what exactly? A utopian fantasy?
Show me where people of all creeds, colours and cultures are given more freedom to be themselves and are treated more equally and fairly than in western democratic countries? You can’t because there isn’t and there has never been throughout history.

The fact is that people come from around the globe to our countries precisely because the truth is the opposite of what we are being told, for our civilisations have never been so free, more tolerant, or as widely inclusive as we are now, and with legally enforceable equal rights for all. That’s just still not the case in most of the world.
When we look around our societies at how people interact, we overwhelmingly see them being decent, respectful, and tolerant of one another and co-existing well.
Now that’s not saying that bigotry has been completely eradicated in western societies. That is not possible, as there will always be some ignorant people, but they have been banished to a tiny outcast minority. We, as a society, simply do not tolerate this and it has long been unacceptable to be openly discriminatory to people.
“Don’t let them fool ya…” Bob Marley
The powers that be are trying to divide us. It is the oldest tactic. Divide and Rule. They want us hating each other and fighting amongst ourselves so they can continue to rape and pillage the globe for profit and can justify ever increasing reductions to our freedoms and authoritarian rule.
We can no longer be silent and go along with this harmful, untruthful narrative. If we do, it will tear us apart and undo the extraordinary advances we have made in these arenas over the last 50 years. And… ironically, it will breed a terrifying revival of exactly the awful traits that this new ideology claims to stand against.