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“When a man is denied the right to live the life he believes in, he has no choice but to become an outlaw”. Nelson Mandela

Are you really going to allow them to force you to take that shit every 6 months for the rest of your life?

I have spent the last few weeks trying to convince myself to do it, but I just can’t.

I’m not anti-vaccine, but I won’t be dictated to by politicians under threat of petty restrictions.

I subordinate to my inner Self / God only.

If you want to take it, that’s great and you should.

But if you don’t, don’t let them coerce you into it.

Every human being deserves to have Liberty and Responsibility for their own life.

Our country was built on these two primary and corresponding values and I am not willing to give them up.

You should listen to and obey what your inner Self directs you to do on this and all matters.

Stand firm in this guidance above all else, with courage, and you will gain inner treasures that no one can take away from you.

“Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth”. John F. Kennedy

We think that complying with the demands of government is the quickest way back to freedom. We hope it is so… But it’s not.

Compliance only emboldens totalitarians like Chairman Dan and his leftist kin interstate and overseas.

These power-hungry politicians believe the State should control all aspects of our lives.

They do not believe in Liberty or Personal Responsibility.

This is not speculation. We’ve all witnessed this firsthand already. Two weeks to flatten the curve is now eighteen months and still counting.

You can’t believe anything they say. They will continue to come up with new ‘threats’ that will require our continued obedience and restrict our liberties.

The more we obey, the more they’ll demand and control us.

Governments like this will do all they can to maintain their power.

They will do all that we let them do.

Non-compliance and non-violent, civil disobedience are essential in circumstances like this.

And the sooner the better.

For the more we comply, the stronger they become and the more powerless we make ourselves to resist.

“Whoso would be a man must be a non-conformist.” Ralph Waldo Emerson